Article recommendations week #1 2023

The most interesting and valuable articles of week #1 2023.

Strength Training Articles

Stronger By Science asked Is Regional Hypertrophy Predictable? Looking at the idea of different exercises targeting different areas of a muscle.

Broscience asked

Bonvec Strength listed 3 Overrated Training Variables, describing the most important training variables, and the ones that are overrated.

Power Athlete discussed Movement Quality Over Junk Volume, outlining the 3 considerations to improve movement quality. Check it out

Breaking Muscle listed 8 Overhead Press Variations for Stronger Shoulders, outlining different movements to build your shoulders.

Lift Big Eat Big compared Glute Bridge vs. Hip Thrust: What’s The Difference? The difference between the two exercises, and the pros and cons of each exercise.

T-Nation explained How to Test Your Body Fat in 60 Seconds, it only takes a measuring tape.

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Nutrition Articles

T-Nation busted 6 Giant Myths About Calories, the myths, and why they are myths.

Broscience discussed Supplements To Build Muscle And Burn Fat At The Same Time, the fundamentals of gaining muscle mass and losing fat, and the best supplements to support it.

Deadlift Articles

Breaking Muscle explained How to Do the Kettlebell Deadlift for Lower Body Size and Strength, how to do it, the benefits, the muscular activation, variations, and program design considerations.

Men’s Health outlined How to Do the Rack Pull for Stronger Deadlifts, the benefits of the Rack Pull and how to implement it in your training.