Article recommendations week #1 2022

The most interesting and valuable articles of week #1 2022.

Strength Training Articles

Muscle & Fitness discussed The Long Bodybuilding Tradition Of Overtraining, an interesting article over the evolution of bodybuilding over the last decades, and how bodybuilders supposedly learned to overtrain less these days.

Box Rox listed Six Functional Movement Patterns Every Beginner Needs to Master, the functional movement patterns, exercises for each movement pattern, and program design ideas.

Generation Iron explained How Incline Hammer Curls Stretch & Tone Your Biceps, combining two popular biceps exercises into one exercise.

Men’s Health outlined How To Organize Your Workouts Better With Training Splits, the importance of a sound structure to reach your training goals.

Jeff Nippard released the results of a questionnaire on fitness questions ranging from easy questions to difficult questions. Check it out

Thibarmy asked What Is The Role Of Strength In Speed, Power, And Agility Development? The relative role of strength for the different biomotor abilities, and how to best train for each biomotor ability.

Juggernaut Training Systems showed some footage of their Strength & Conditioning for IBJJF Worlds With Otavio Sousa, a competitive BJJ (Brazilian Jiu Jitsu) athlete. Check it out

The Bar Bend discussed

Stronger By Science outlined An Evidence-Based Approach To Goal Setting And Behavior Change, what the science says about following through with your goals. presented

  • Michael B. Jordan’s “Creed III” Training, Diet, And More From Celebrity Coach Corey Calliet, the training philosophy behind the training, the training regimen, and the diet explained. Check it out
  • How to Properly Perform a Kettlebell Rack explained in less than 30 seconds. Check it out

The Manual listed The Best Sandbags for Workouts to Build Upper Body Strength, the best sandbags, and what to best use them for.

T-Nation asked Is the Pullover a Back or Chest Exercise? How to classify the Pullover and how to execute it.

Fitness FAQ described Learn Splits If You’re Not Flexible, explained in less than a minute. Check it out

Bret Contreras explained the rationale for StrongLifting: How To Train For Maximum Strength And Physique, what Stronglifting is and what it can do for you. Check it out

Broscience shared Kai Greene Brutal Leg Workout For Insane Size, outlining the leg workout of one of the most popular bodybuilders of the last years.

Livestrong listed The 6 Best Mobility Exercises for Beginners, outlining the exercises, what they do, and how to do them.

Renaissance Periodization explained

  • Why Cheat Reps Are Stupid, what cheat reps are, the rationale for it, and why they are stupid.. Check it out
  • Napping Dos and Don’ts, the benefits of napping, and best practices. Check it out

Brute Strength shared an interview with Kels Kiel And Her Transition From the USA Bobsled Team to the CrossFit Games. Check it out

Youth Strength Training Articles

Stack listed 5 Weight Room Exercises To Develop Speed In Youth Athletes, the importance of strength for speed development and what exercises to choose.

Nutrition Articles released The Best Protein Powders of 2022, what you should look for in a protein powder and which one to choose.

Science For Sports asked Could The Ketogenic Diet Be Beneficial For Team Sport Athletes? Looking at the latest research on this topic.

Biolayne asked Fat is More Anabolic Than Carbs? Discussing low carb, high fat diets vs high carb, low fat diets on muscle protein metabolism. Check it out

The Greatist listed Superfoods List: 25 Foods You Should Add to Your Diet, whether you believe in superfood or not, it’s certainly a good nutrient.

T-Nation outlined The Ultimate Protein Strategy, the importance of prioritizing protein.

Olympic Lifting Articles

Juggernaut Training Systems explained Drop Snatch | How, Why & When, in less than a minute. Check it out

Joshua Gibson shared Eastern European Programming Methods w/Sergii Putsov, a true masterclass on programming. Check it out

  • I’ve met Sergeij when he accompanied Aleksey Torokhtiy on a Weightlifting Masterclass we hosted in 2018, and I can vouch that Sergeij is a very knowledgeable coach!

Squat Articles

The Box Rox discussed From Goblet Squats to Zercher Squats: What Type of Squat is Best for You? Outlining the different Squat variations, and how to choose the right one.

Lift Big Eat Big asked Split Squat vs. Lunges: Which Is Better? Discussing the main difference between the two exercises, how to do them, and which one to choose.

Generation Iron outlined the different Front Squat grip options and which one to choose in the article Front Squat Without Wrist Pain Or The Risk Of The Barbell Sliding.

Insider explained How To Build Muscle With Single Leg ‘Pistol’ Squats, the benefits of Pistol Squats, and exercise progressions to learn the Pistol Squat.

Deadlift Articles

Jeremy Ethier demanded Stop Doing Deadlifts Like This, why you should not round your back, and what you can do against it. Check it out

Elite FTS asked Should Jujimufu Just Stop Deadlifting? Discussing all thinks Deadlifting. Check it out