Bulgarian Split Squat 130kg Raymon van der Biezen

Bulgarian Split Squat or Rear-Foot-Elevated Split Squat 130 kg Raymon van der Biezen Raymon van der Biezen professional BMX rider, Olympian at the 2008 Olympics, [...]

The Importance of Power Cleans

From an athlete’s and coach's standpoint the Power Clean can be highly rewarding. Once the athletes are becoming stronger and more explosive, you can see [...]

Power Clean 125kg Twan van Gendt

Power Cleaning 125 kg Twan van Gendt This video shows Twan van Gendt BMX rider and Olympic finalist 2012 in London performing a [...]

Power Clean 120kg Camiel Lok

Power Clean training with 120 kg Camiel Lok Camiel Lok, retired track cyclist aka 'man of steel' performing a Power Clean with 120 kg [...]

Power Clean Techique Niek Kimmann 137.5 kg

This video shows the Power Clean technique analysis of Niek Kimmann, professional BMX rider, Olympic Finalist 2016 and world champion BMX 2015 as it [...]