What is a Front Squat

What is the Front Squat exercise? The word ‘front’ in the Front Squat refers to the barbell position, which is on the Front of your [...]

Front Squat Handsfree 100kg Harrie Lavreysen

Handsfree Front Squat form 100 kg Harrie Lavreysen This video shows Harrie Lavreysen track cyclist and former BMX rider performing a Handsfree Front Squat [...]

Front Squat Handsfree 110kg Kevin van den Groenendaal

Handsfree Front Squat form 110 kg Kevin van den Groenendaal This video shows Kevin van den Groenendaal BMX rider from the development team  performing [...]

Handsfree Front Squat Zarah de Haan 50kg

Handsfree Front Squatting Zarah de Haan This video shows Zarah de Haan  performing a Handsfree Front Squat with 50kg as a part of [...]

Front Squat Technique Handsfree Twan van Gendt 160kg

Handsfree Front Squat Technique Analysis Twan van Gendt This video shows the technique analysis of Twan van Gendt BMX rider and Olympic finalist 2012 in [...]