How often should I Back Squat

Have you ever asked yourself How often should I Back Squat? If so, you have probably have heard answers ranging from Squat Every Day to [...]

Back Squat Technique 145g Juan Pablo

Back Squat Technique Analysis Juan Pablo This video shows the technique analysis of Juan Pablo track cyclist from Argentina. Analysis Forward lean on the [...]

Back Squat 200kg Jeffrey Hoogland

Back Squatting with 200 kg Jeffrey Hoogland Jeffrey Hoogland European Champion track cycling 2015 in the sprint, 1 km time trial and team sprint [...]

Back Squat 205kg Harrie Lavreysen

Back Squatting with 205 kg Harrie Lavreysen Harrie Lavreysen former BMX rider, now Track Cyclist  in the development team performing a Back Squat with [...]

Back Squat Technique 80g Mark Bakker

Back Squat Technique Analysis Mark Bakker This video shows the technique analysis of track cyclist from the development team Mark Bakker performing a Back [...]