Have you seen people or athletes with lifting big numbers on the Back Squat? And you asked yourself,  if you could do the same?

My answer is, from what I have seen everyone can have a big Back Squat, if you understand  How to Back Squat and how to apply the Back Squat technique in your strength training and Back Squat workout.

This video answers the questions:

  • how to do a Back Squat
  • the execution of a Back Squat
  • the different phases of a Back Squat
  • key points when performing a Back Squat

Back Squat Technique

As easy as a Back Squat looks, it’s actually not that easy to perform. You need to invest time to learn the Back Squat technique in order to perform it with heavy loads at a later point.

I have had the luck to work with athletes, that when we started out, we purely focused on learning the Back Squat technique and a few years later, they can Back Squat double their bodyweight. Keep in mind we are talking about a full, deep Back Squat, where the knee angle is at 60 degrees or the crease of the hip is lower than the knees.

Phases of the Back Squat Technique

In the following I am going to describe the phases for the high bar Back Squat, the Back Squat technique for the low bar Back Squat is slightly different.

Start position:

  • the bar is high on your shoulders / traps
  • the grip should be as wide that the forearms are parallel (there are acceptable and individual variations as you can see in the video)
  • the elbows point straight down
  • the feet are shoulder width apart and the feet slightly turned out


  • the movement is initiated by breaking simultaneously from the hip and knees
  • the hip moves backward
  • the descent ends, when the crease of the hip is lower than the knees

Bottom position:

  • eyes focused straight ahead
  • chest is up
  • back is flat
  • the bar is over the mid-foot (if you would draw a vertical line from the bar to the ground, the bar would be right over the mid-foot)


  • reverse the movement of the descent
  • the chest stays up ( a cue could be to lead with the chest, this avoids shooting up the hip)
  • back remains flat
  • until full extension

How to do a Back Squat Conclusion

Even though the Back Squat looks simple and the technical key points seem simple, it’s not that easy to perform. Follow the steps, work on them consistently and you will master the Back Squat technique first and then start moving heavier and heavier loads.

As Aristotle wisely said ‘ We are what we repeatedly do, Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.’

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