How much Strength Training do I need?

A very common question is ‘How much  strength training do I actually need?’, this article looks at what is the right relation between input and output? what do most people generally overestimate? what do most people likely underestimate? Back to the question ‘How much  strength training do I actually need?’ while this [...]

Single Leg Leg Press 280 kg Twan van Gendt

Single-legged Leg Pressing Twan van Gendt This video shows Twan van Gendt BMX rider, Olympic finalist 2012 and Olympic Semi-finalist in 2016  performing a single-legged Leg [...]

BMX Final Rio Olympics 2016 BMX Team NL

BMX Semi-final and Final Olympics 2016 Rio de Janeiro This video shows impressions from the semi-final and final of the BMX event at the [...]

Hip Thrust 185kg Raymon van der Biezen

Hip Thruster 185 kg Raymon van der Biezen Raymon van der Biezen professional BMX rider, Olympian at the 2008 Olympics, 2012 Olympics, Winner of the [...]

Strength Training Preparation for Rio Olympics 2016 BMX Team NL

Strength Training Prep Olympics 2016 Rio de Janeiro This video shows parts of our strength training in preparation for the Olympic Games in Rio [...]