How much Strength Training is too much

In the early 16th century the german-swiss philosopher Paracelsus  said  ‘dosis sola venenum facit’, which can be translated as The dose makes the poison [...]

Strength Training Workout Impressions

Strength Training Workout Training impressions from our Strength Training Workout Power Clean & Front Squat Bulgarian Split Squat DB Push Up & Row [...]

Why does Weight Training improve Power

Want to run faster, hit harder, jump higher and become more powerful? You asked yourself ‘Why does Weight Training improve Power?’ On first sight, it [...]

8 Simple Steps To Figure Out How Often Should Strength Training Occur

The video and article address how often should strength training occur considerations for choosing the right training frequency When Arnold Schwarzenegger as a young bodybuilder was in the prime [...]

Weighted Pull-Ups 25 kg Niek Kimmann

Pull-up weighted 25 kg  Niek Kimmann Niek Kimmann, professional BMX rider, world champion BMX 2015 and Olympian 2016 at the Rio Olympic Games [...]