How much Strength Training do I need?

A very common question is ‘How much  strength training do I actually need?’, this article looks at what is the right relation between input and output? what do most people generally overestimate? what do most people likely underestimate? Back to the question ‘How much  strength training do I actually need?’ while this [...]

BMX Final Rio Olympics 2016 BMX Team NL

BMX Semi-final and Final Olympics 2016 Rio de Janeiro This video shows impressions from the semi-final and final of the BMX event at the [...]

Strength Training Preparation for Rio Olympics 2016 BMX Team NL

Strength Training Prep Olympics 2016 Rio de Janeiro This video shows parts of our strength training in preparation for the Olympic Games in Rio [...]

Why Are Plyometrics Good For You?

Why Plyometrics are good for you This video discusses the questions why plyometrics are  good for you what are the adaptations you can expect from plyometric training What are the benefits of plyometric training for strength athletes, for power [...]

Power Training vs Strength Training – what is the difference between Strength Training and Power Training?

Often times power training and strength training and are used interchangeably and people ask 'Is power and strength the same thing?'. The short answer is [...]