Clean / Power Clean Niek Kimmann 2 reps at 125 kg

Power Clean / Clean  Niek Kimmann with 125 kg for 2 reps Niek Kimmann, professional BMX rider, world champion BMX 2015 and Olympic Finalist 2016 [...]

How often should I do Power Cleans?

Have you asked yourself, 'How often should I do Power Clean to reap the Power Clean benefits?' The training frequency of the Power Clean, as [...]

Clean / Power Clean Twan van Gendt 147.5kg

This video shows Twan van Gendt BMX rider and Olympic finalist 2012 in London and Olympian 2016 in Rio performing a Clean / Power Clean with [...]

Single-legged Power Clean from blocks Twan van Gendt 62.5kg

Power Clean single-legged from blocks with 62.5 kg Twan van Gendt Professional BMX rider and two-time Olympian Twan van Gendt performing  a single-legged [...]

Power Clean and Front Squat 112.5kg Niels Bensink

Power Clean / Clean with 112.5 kg Niels Bensink This video shows Niels Bensink BMX rider from the BMX national team performing a Power [...]