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Back Squat 90 kg for3 reps Janne Tiktak

Back Squatting 90 kg for 3 reps Janne Tiktak Janne Tiktak track cyclist from the development team performing a Back Squat with 90 kg [...]

Back Squat 140kg Nils van’t Hoenderdaal

Back Squatting with 140 kg Nils van't Hoenderdaal Olympian Nils van't Hoenderdaal,  European Champion track cycling 2015 in the team sprint and runner-up at [...]

Back Squatting 175kg for 10 reps Twan van Gendt

Back Squatting 175 kg for 10 reps at 82 kg body weight Twan van Gendt Professional BMX rider and two-time Olympian Twan van [...]