Article recommendations week #21 2016

We have searched the net and sorted some of the most interesting and valuable articles of week 21 Strength Training Articles Breaking Muscle published a really good article about planning the strength training and strength [...]

What Do Front Squats Develop and Why You Need To Do Them

The Front squat offers a few unique benefits that you won’t get from the other common squat variations such as Back Squat or Overhead Squat. Especially for strength development, power development, building solid leg muscles [...]

The Ultimate Guide to Power Cleans

With Crossfit taking over the world, the Power Clean (and other Olympic Lifts) have gained a lot of popularity in the last years. There are still a few questions and misconception revolving around the Power [...]

Increasing your Back Squat – How much and how often to Squat

Have you ever tried to get stronger in the back squat? If so, you know that it's difficult and that’s the reason why most people are frustrated because they simply just don’t see the results [...]

The 101 of Power Training for Beginners

Why should we do power training, isn’t strength training enough? In the world of sports, power training and strength training are either used interchangeably or the difference is seldom understood. Both forms of training have [...]

The Fundamentals of Strength Training

Is Isaac Newton the first strength training scientist? About 350 years reportedly Sir Isaac Newton sat in his garden and was thinking about the universe, when suddenly an apple fell onto his head. In this [...]